Monday, November 10, 2014

Nightcrawler (2014): Good or Bad?

     I saw it this weekend. Thought it was pretty good. At least the concept was a little different. An ambitious young man tries his hand at the seedy side of crime journalism. What did you guys think? Google +

How To Breakdown A Tent In Less Than 2 Minutes!


On my last camping trip to Jordan Lake in Raleigh North Carolina, I decided to record a video of the only thing I dislike about camping. The fishing here is always pretty good and who doesn't love being around the campfire at night. But as much as I enjoy the experience, in the back of my mind I always dread breaking the tent down and packing up!

     One day I guess I might graduate from the primitive tent camping to a more convenient method but for now I guess I will suck it up and deal with putting away that dang thing! So this video is here to remind me how fast and easy it is to accomplish!