Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Dad 2015

The silence is deafening on this unseasonably warm, pre dawn Christmas morn. One of those mornings when one is fast asleep, then suddenly, almost joltingly, awake. The comforting transitional stage from restful slumber to groggy awareness has somehow been stolen. And as your thoughts begin to collect themselves and you realize something else is missing... Dad. Your Dad will not be a part of this festive day for the first time in your life. Knowing similar occurrences will be and has been experienced by countless others does little to ease the sense of.....what? No word or words will suffice. Memories of Dad are now all you truly possess. And you count them up like the colorfully adorned presents tucked under a glistening Christmas tree. Today as you open those gifts from friends and loved ones so too will you unwrap fond memories of Christmases past. Dad would have liked that.